Current Students

  • Dong Han, Ph.D.
  • Haoliang Zhang, Ph.D.
  • Huong Pham, Ph.D.
  • Reza Babaee, Ph.D.


    • Zhihao Zhao, Ph.D., Enhanced Capsule-based Networks and their Applications, 2022,  Currently with Blackmagic Design, Colorado Springs, CO
    • Beni Mulyana, Ph.D., Online Closed-Loop tACS-fMRI for Brain Modulation, 2022, Currently with URTPC, Milwaukee, WI.
    • Abdul Mukit, MS, Intra-operative virtual surgical planning through medical mixed reality, 2021, Currently with Nakamir, Palo Alto, CA.
    • Lei Yang, Ph.D., Deep learning approaches in problems in various dimensional data, 2017. Currently with SAIC Innovation Center, San Jose, CA.
    • Mehedi Hasan, MS, Stand-alone image reconstruction for multi-slice echo-planar- imaging with application to study human brain mapping, 2016. Currently with Verizon, NJ.
    • Chao Jiang, MS, AGILE: Arbitrary Grid Logistic rEgression using Intel Software Guard Extensions, 2016. Currently a bioinformatic programmer at UCSD, San Diego.
    • Han Dong, MS, Empirical Transition Probability Indexing Genome
      Sequence Alignment Based on CUDA, 2016. Currently continuing his Ph.D.
    • Feng Chen, Ph.D., Adaptive Distributed Source Coding Based On Bayesian Inference, 2015. Currently the Chief Scientist of Nuowei Tech.
    • Amin M. Roozgard, Ph.D., Medical Signals Alignment and Privacy Protection using Belief Propagation and Compressed Sensing, 2014. Now with Hewlett-Packard, Tulsa.
    • Nafise Barzigar, Ph.D., Image and Video Enhancement using Sparse Coding, Belief Propagation and Matrix Completion, 2014. Now with Hewlett-Packard, Tulsa.
    • Lijuan Cui, Ph.D., Adaptive and Secure Distributed Source Coding for Video and Image Compression, 2013. Now with Broadcom, San Diego.
    • Bei Li, M.S., Maximize Producer Rewards in Distributed Generation Environments, 2011. Now with Google, Seattle.
    • Shuang Wang, Ph.D., Adaptive Channel and Source Coding using Approximate Inference, 2011. Founder and President of Nuowei Tech.
    • Fan Zhang, Ph.D., Pricing in Multi-Service Communication Networks: A Game-Theoretic Approach (coadvised with Dr. Verma), 2011. Now with Amazon, Seattle.
    • Anusha Chennareddy, M.S., Face Recognition and Video Denoising using Low-Rank Matrix Approximation and Matrix Completion (coadvised with Dr. Verma), 2011. Now with Foxconn, Houston.
    • Mouhammad K. Akkoumi, Ph.D., Human Detection and Tracking Enhancing Security Systems at Ports of Entry (coadvised with Dr. Sluss), 2011. Now with Scientex Corporation , Virginia.
    • Siddharth Gangadhar, M.S., Maximizing User Rewards for Smart Grid Environments using a Deterministic Reinforcement Learning Approach (coadvised with Dr. Verma), 2011. Now continuing his Ph.D. at the University of Kansas.
    • Zhenfei Tai, M.S., Braille Document Recognition using Belief Propagation, 2008. Now with Bloomberg, NY.
    • Dianchao Liu, M.S., 3D Reconstruction from Microscope Images via Graph Cut, 2008. Now with Ricoh, China.

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